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GSA Full Service Package

GSA Schedule Full-Service Pricing: $6,800

Longevity: We have over 10 years of experience in helping businesses with obtaining, and maintaining their GSA Schedule Contracts.

Capacity: We are a leading preparer of GSA Schedules handling approximately 150-200 GSA Schedule Contracts per year.

Success: Our success is based upon our client’s success. We have a strong track record and many of our clients are among the fastest growing in the federal marketplace. This is shown in the fact that we have multiple clients appearing each year on the Washington Technology “Fast 50” List. Additionally our clients have enjoyed billions of dollars in federal revenue.

GSA Consultant

Process: Our GSA Schedule analysts follow our unique and efficient process which is designed around the goal of taking as much work off our client’s plate as possible. This leaves our clients to continue running their businesses without being overwhelmed. The results are that our clients obtain their schedule in minimal time with minimal disruption to their daily business. Full Description of our Process

Experience: During your negotiations with the GSA with regard to pricing, we will be there with you to provide guidance to yield the best rate-to-sales outcome.

Long-term Partnership: Because we perform many other services in the federal arena through our other brands you can build a long-term partnership with our business knowing you have us as a strong teammate for your federal marketing needs. This gives our clients the confidence to go after GWAC, IDIQ, Joint Venture, and SBA/VA Certifications.

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Joe Grasso
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