Our Process For Expediting Your GSA Schedule

The process for obtaining a GSA Schedule requires many steps to be taken, some simultaneously, to obtain a GSA or MAS Schedule in a six-month timeframe. Our firm has helped over a thousand firms through this process. Getting the GSA bridge built in fast and reliable fashion is critical to being able to carry out the needed next steps in your government marketing strategy.

Three Phase Process for Timely GSA Proposal Completion

Phase I

Strategy Development

Arrange kick-off meeting/teleconference
Establish client’s goals and deadlines
Review information needed for proposal, expectations, and timelines
Review offerings and assess opportunity on the GSA Schedule System
Determine most appropriate solicitation for client’s offerings

Our Process

Proposal Preparation

Phase II

Proposal Delivery to Client, Submission to the GSA, and Contract Review

Contract Negotiation

Phase III

Contract Award

Post-Award Briefing

GSA Advantage! Tasks:

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