Other Contracting Vehicles

Federal agencies by themselves or in conjunction with other agencies can create a contracting vehicle which will create in essence a group of preferred vendors to solve a specific need. Oftentimes an agency will block off a bucket of money, earmarking a specific percentage of that money for small business, generally around 25% of the contracting vehicle.

The first action of our support services is to generate a Market Analysis Plan tailored and specific to your company; which in turn is used to form the basis of your Action Plan. Our subscription services cover those marketing actions that we consider essential and are currently offered at no charge to our new clients for a 6 month period. More specialized services are available on a quoted basis.

Other Contracting Vehicles

Examples of other Contracting Vehicles:

GWACs – Governmentwide Acquisition Contract for IT products and services. Examples of these contracts are GSA (Alliant, STARS, VETS) NASA (SEWP), NIH (ECSIII, CLOSP)

MACs – Multiple Agency Contract – non-IT Telecommunications usually make up the largest MAC contracts, but their needs vary greatly.

EWACS – Enterprise-Wide Acquisitions Contracts – Agency-specific contracts that can only be purchased off of for that particular agency.

Please Note: A GSA Schedule in and of itself is an IDIQ; however, oftentimes a GSA Schedule Contract can be leveraged in order to obtain access to a GWAC, MAC or EWAC further reducing your completion from members of your particular schedule to only a few federal vendors.

What is important to note is that there are over 3,000 IDIQs and getting placed upon the right IDIQ can greatly increase the size and scope of your federal business.

We have experience in completing proposals for many different types of contracting vehicles. Give us a call or submit the following information if you would like to be notified by us when a particular IDIQ becomes available in your industry.

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