GSA Schedule ROI

Client Industry: Information Technology

Schedule Number: IT70
Client Objective: Client was previously a subcontractor to prime contractors on federal IT projects. The firm wished to take the next step to move to become a federal prime contractor.
Solution: The firm's first step was to obtain a GSA Schedule, this gave the firm pricing credibility as well as the firm’s first contracting vehicle. The firm then had us assist them in obtaining IDIQ contracts as well as bid on high profile procurements.
Sales: $11,000,000
Investment: $27,000
Consulting Investment to Sales Ratio: 400:1

Client Industry: Media

Schedule Number: OOCORP-541 4 B Advertising & Integrated Marketing Solutions (AIMS)
Client Objective: The firm wished to film and produce high-quality training videos as well as TV commercials for the federal government. This firm was located in the DC metro area but needed exposure, as well as a contracting vehicle, in order obtain work.
Solution: The firm obtained a GSA Schedule and when there is a need in the DC area federal procurement officers locate this firm by means of GSA Advantage (GSA Schedule online directory) and call and engage this firm's services.
Sales: $100,000 annually
Investment: $6,400
Consulting Investment to Sales Ratio: 15:1 first year

Client Industry: Translation & Interpretation

Client Objective: A translation company specializing in rare languages wanted to break into the federal marketplace with the DoD and the Department of Homeland Security.
Solution: Federal Agencies were looking for this type of service and found the firm on GSA elibrary and they gained additional clients such as the Department of Agriculture were asked to bid on other contracts. Although many of these agencies purchased from contracting vehicles that were different from the firms GSA Schedule, schedule sales only totaled $100,000 per year. The resulting exposure was credited with several million dollars in federal sales.
Sales: $3,000,000
Investment: $10,000
Consulting Investment to Sales Ratio: 300:1

Client Industry: Management Consulting

Schedule Number: Previously MOBIS now Professional Services Schedule
Client Objective: The client specializes in management training and team-building activities.
Solution: The client initially obtained a GSA Schedule as well as marketing training and support because when they solicited agencies they were constantly asked if they had a Schedule Contract. They began doing work with the DoD, Dept. of Agriculture and the VA. After building relationships they were invited to bid on IDIQ contracts within those agencies and the firm has gone from being a sole proprietorship with no federal sales to over $2MM in federal sales in a 4-year period.
Sales: $6,400,000
Investment: $15,000
Consulting Investment to Sales Ratio: 430:1

Client Industry: Storage and Tool Rental

Schedule Number: 51 V Hardware Super Store
Client Objective: There are two nearby federal bases that the client wished to be able to rent and sell equipment to.
Solution: The firm was able to obtain the GSA Schedule and was allowed to sell to the local DoD facilities.
Sales: $50,000 per year
Investment: $6,400
Consulting Investment to Sales Ratio: 7:1 first year

Client Industry: Staffing of Administration and Medical Personnel

Schedule Number: 621 I Professional and Allied Healthcare Staffing Services
Client Objective: To place medical staff with the Department of Health and Human Services and ultimately the CDC
Solution: This specialized medical staffing company began in the apartment of our client. The client obtained a GSA Schedule to place medical personnel with the CDC. This led to participation in additional agency contracts and now the company does over $6MM per year with this one agency.
Sales: $23,000,000
Investment: $12,000
Consulting Investment to Sales Ratio: 1,920:1

Client Industry: Hospital Supplies

Schedule Number: 73 Food Service, Hospitality, and Cleaning
Client Objective: A firm has a contract with the Veterans Administration to deliver supplies to two hospitals and are the low-cost provider in doing so. Currently, this allows the VA to circumvent the GSA System and use this lower cost supplier. The clients fear is that the current contracting officer could retire and they could lose this exception. In order for the vendor to maintain his market share in the future as well as grow into other VA hospitals, the firm needed to obtain a GSA Schedule.
Solution: The difficulty with this schedule is that it is rarely open for new participants. The schedule became open we were able to get this client on the schedule and they no longer live with the business risk that they could lose their federal business due to not having the correct contracting vehicle.
Sales: No additional sale
Investment: $6,400
Consulting Investment to Sales Ratio: N/A

Client Industry: Medical Kits and other Emergency Medical Response Devices

Schedule Number: 84 Total Solutions Law Enforcement
Client Objective: The firm had a great deal of medical offerings that they were already supplying in the commercial marketplace and to the federal government. However, they faced a massive sales decline due to not having a GSA Schedule.
Solution: The firm obtained the GSA Schedule and the sales increased over their previous high level. We were able to expedite this schedule by obtaining a letter from the DoD to expedite the schedule.
Sales: $48,000,000
Investment: $6,400
Consulting Investment to Sales Ratio: 7,610:1
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