Marketing Overview

Generating sales, revenue and profit is the entire purpose of having spent the resources required to become a GSA Schedule Contract holder. Only in those very rare cases will the government come knocking on your door to do business. Essential to your ability to marketing your supplies/services is to possess a solid knowledge of the government marketplace. This effort is further complicated by the need to understand unique and complex government procedures and terminology.

The first action of our support services is to generate a Market Analysis Plan tailored and specific to your company, which in turn is used to form the basis of your Action Plan. Our subscription services cover those marketing actions that we consider essential. We also offer specialized services on a quoted basis.

Marketing Overview

In August 2013, American Express reported that its survey of small business owners who are active federal contractors (firms that have performed on a federal contract within the past 5 years) found that the annual investment of money and time that active small business contractors had made, while seeking federal contracting opportunities had averaged $128K and that it had taken 2.9 years (and 5.6 unsuccessful bids). Their source data was the SBA’s FY2012 Small Business Procurement Scorecard. Advance GSA can provide you with information and recommendations to greatly decrease your investment and the amount of time to secure your first contract/order.

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