Benefits of a GSA Schedule Contract

Benefits of a GSA Schedule Contract

  • GSA Schedules are a GWAC (Governmentwide Acquisition Contract) meaning you can use them to sell to all 438 Federal Agencies and Sub-agencies.
  • Average annual sales for a small business with a GSA Schedule is $1.6 million.
  • There are around 11,000 small business GSA Schedule Holders across all industries greatly reducing overall competition.
  • For small businesses that sell to the federal government on average the federal government is their largest client.

Step 1: Quick Evaluation

Step 1

Evaluation (1): Is your firm qualified for a GSA Schedule?

Totals / Average

8(a) Average Sales this Industry   GSA Schedule Sales for a firm with an 8(a) in this Industry   Synergy (Generally adding an 8(a) to a GSA Creates More Sales than from the GSA Schedule Alone)   Synergy Ratio
8(a) Industry Grouping Total 8(a) Federal Sales Number of 8(a) Firms Average 8(a) Sales   GSA Schedule Only Sales 8(a) Firms Number of 8(a) Firms w/ GSA Schedule Average 8(a) Sales Directly from the GSA Schedule System   Total Federal Sales 8(a) GSA Contract Holders Number of 8(a) Firms w/ GSA Schedule Average Total 8(a) Federal Sales for firms with a GSA Schedule   GSA Schedule Sales Advantage

Step 2: Order Qualifiers

Step 2

Qualifier (1): Flat-fee - $7,400 (for most clients this is the full price they pay.)

Qualifier (2): Experience - Our 20+ years of experience and the long tenure of our analysts make us quick and competent at navigating through the GSA’s multistep process without hangups.


Step 3: Where We Provide a Strategic Advantage

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Advantage (1): We are well versed in GSA price negotiations and will provide insight during this process. You firm needs to sell at profitable rates but in government sales you must be priced within the market to make sales.

Advantage (2): When you are adding your offerings to GSA Advantage getting your offerings as high a page rank as possible is a critical element and we help you to understand how GSA Advantage’s page rank works.

Advantage (3): We offer Modification Services for our clients so they can continue to work with the analysts that knows their business and cares about thems.


Step 4: How Our Clients Create Leverage Using Us!

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Leverage (1): Your GSA Schedule gives you a FAR Compliant way of selling to the federal government. Using your Schedule, we recommend focusing on 1-3 agencies at first and then focusing down to a single agency. This focus will allow you to understand the agency, learn the key players, have great communications and most importantly obtain “Excellent” past performance.

Leverage (2): Once you build strong rapport within an agency, they will then ask you to bid on procurements and we can assist you in putting together these bid packages.

Leverage (3): At this point you are ready to expand to additional federal agencies as our client we will keep you abreast of key GWAC, IDIQ, and BPA contracts that are in your firm’s industry. With our knowledge of your firm, we will be able to advise if you on whether you should apply, not-apply or joint-venture with another firm in order to compete for a position on one of these contracts.