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GSA Federal Sales Training presented by Advance GSA is recommended for firms that would like to develop their firm’s federal marketing skills. This course should be attended by the firm’s key strategists working on government sales initiative for the firm. The training is accomplished remotely and, therefore, can be staged from anywhere in the world. This course consists of three sessions lasting for approximately 3 hours in duration. The sessions will be scheduled based on the client’s availability. The curriculum is designed to help you learn how to develop and execute a federal government sales strategy using best practices for small to medium-sized businesses.


Session 1: You are trained on how to identify the departments and independent agencies of the Executive Branch that are the best matches for your firm’s offerings. You will also learn the best contracting vehicles used by your target federal audience and how to make contacts within your target agency.

Session 2: We explore the thought process of developing a capabilities statement using best practices. You will also learn how to utilize multiple government data sources to develop your pricing strategy. This will lead to determining what agencies are buying similar products and services to your offerings. This will also show you who the key competitors are in your federal market space.

Session 3: The action plan is developed for your business for you to put in place immediately. Your firm’s customized plan will organize your current federal resources while also identifying new federal targets that are relevant to your firm’s business offerings.

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