GSA Modifications

After winning a GSA Schedule Contract, all GSA vendors need to update and maintain their Schedules. Each contract should be updated once in a year, according to the GSA officials. Schedule holders can delete or add products/services, modify offering, make administrative changes and request Economic Price Adjustments.

At Advance GSA, we provide all of these services. We can even assist a new Schedule holder to register on the GSA Vendor Support Center site, and to create a SIP catalog file and in the upload process, which should be done within 6 months of winning the Schedule initially.

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We prepare all kinds of GSA modification and even go beyond. We can optimize your product listings, enhance your catalog visibility, and give you a competitive edge over your contenders. We charge only $113 per hour for our services.

Description of Services

Primary Type   Sub Type
Additions   Add Labor Category
Add Product(s)
Add Service Offerings
Administrative   Contract Administrator/Point of Contract(POC)
Authorized Negotiator
Email Address Change
Fax Change
Point of Contracts for Manufacturers, Dealers, Resellers, Agents Telephone Changes
Website Address Changes
Cancellation or Terminations   Cancel Contract
Deletions   Delete Labor Category
Delete Product(s)
Delete Service Offerings
Delete SIN
Legal   Change of Name Agreement
Novation Agreement
Pricing   Temporary Price Reduction
Economic Price Adjustments (EPA) with Commercial Price List (increase)
Economic Price Adjustments (EPA) without Commercial Price List (increase)
Permanent Price Reduction (Based on Most Favored Customer)
Permanent Price Reduction (Industry Partner requested Wage Determinations
Technical   Change in geographic coverage (scope)
Part(s) Number Change
Products Descriptive Change
Service Descriptive Change
Terms And Conditions   American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)
Create/Manage Clause Exception(s)
Disaster Recovery
Re-representation of Non-Notated Merger / Acquisition
Re-representation of Business Size
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