Want Government Sales Success? Try GSA Contracts!

Want Government Sales Success? Try GSA Contracts!

By: BOB STEGER | Date: 2023-06-26

Are you ready to embark on a trip that could improve your business? If so, let's look at the wonderful opportunities waiting for companies like yours on the GSA schedule 2023.

In the realm of government contracting, the GSA Schedule stands out as a glimmer of light by offering the chance to collaborate with federal organisations and receive access to a wide range of lucrative projects. It's an environment where your innovative ideas, products, and services can bloom, promoting the growth and accomplishment of your business objectives.

General Services Administration of the United States

Imagine that Harry Truman, the president, had a vision in 1949. He established the GSA to streamline administrative chores for the federal government. By bringing numerous agencies under its wing, the GSA hoped to create a smooth experience for the government and its reliable vendors, such as you.

The GSA is now seen as a representation of efficiency and help. It offers a wide range of services, including real estate, acquisition services, and cutting-edge technology, to support federal agencies, state governments, and local governments. The best aspect is that anyone may take part in it, even you!

It is commonly recognised that the GSA's procurement platforms can connect agencies with reputable vendors. Through the government Supply Schedule (FSS) scheme, you can promote your goods and services to organisations within the government who are interested in making purchases. The FSS program's Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) and Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Schedules offer a wide range of options.

How does the GSA schedule actually work? 

Now let's explain the process a little bit more. In order to participate in the FSS programme, you must be familiar with two key regulatory papers. The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) lays forth the guidelines for using the FSS for supplies and services. The General Services Administration buy Manual (GSAM) describes the General Services Administration's (GSA) purchasing practises and its connection with contractors like you.

How does the FSS programme function in that case? Actually, it's fairly simple. The GSA signs agreements with companies like yours and offers discounted pricing for a set period of time. 
Therefore, there is no need for a competitive bidding process since orders can be made by federal agencies directly under these contracts. It's a win-win situation that encourages collaboration and ensures effectiveness.

To make the process even simpler, the GSA created GSA Advantage!®, an online marketplace designed specifically for buyers. For vendors like you, it's like a veritable gold mine of opportunities! Government clients can seek for specific products or services, browse delivery options, place direct orders with you, and even pay using the governmentwide commercial purchasing card. It provides the most convenience!

There's still more, though! Things are raised a notch thanks to the eBuy GSA Advantage component. It facilitates bid requests under GSA schedules and technology contracts, enhancing your visibility to potential clients. Taking part in eBuy increases your chances of obtaining contracts and aids in the best possible procurement decisions by the federal, state, and municipal governments.

Let's now talk about how to enter a room. For your company to be listed on the GSA schedule of approved contractors, you must demonstrate that you are trustworthy, accountable, and quick to respond. Although prior government experience is a plus, the GSA does not simply consider it when determining success. If you have no prior federal experience, do not be concerned. 

Through nonfederal clients and assessments, you can still position yourself for success with government contracts by showcasing your dependability and quality.

The GSA review process takes time; on average, it might take up to 12 months. However, if your offer explicitly helps the COVID-19 epidemic, you may be eligible for a speedier process. Keep in mind that being persistent and patient are crucial!

What Significant Changes Will the GSA Refresh 16 Bring? 

Let's explore the most current modifications and how they can help you succeed.

Let's start by discussing joint ventures. A new joint venture policy is now in effect, opening up new possibilities for cooperation and development. By collaborating with other companies, you may take use of complementary talents and assets to take on bigger projects and broaden your reach. This strategy intends to support independent business owners like you by fostering collaborations that could result in outstanding accomplishments.

Understanding the size guidelines is another essential component of government contracting. A recent modification to the Small Business Size Standards by the Small Business Administration (SBA) has an impact on some NAICS codes. The revised standards must be understood and carefully compared to your company's skills because they may affect your eligibility for particular contracts. Accepting these changes will enable you to find the best contracts to pursue and will increase your chances of success.

In government contracts involving service labour, wage determinations are crucial. To guarantee that workers receive equitable pay, the new Service Contract Labour Standards (SCLS) Wage Determinations have been adopted.

It's essential for small business owners to be informed about these rulings in order to ensure compliance and preserve good working relationships with their employees. Following these guidelines not only shows your dedication to your staff, but it also strengthens your standing as a trustworthy and moral contractor.

Let's turn our attention to the Price Proposal Template (PPT) right now. The core Price Proposal Templates have received significant revisions with the most recent Refresh 16, along with SIN-specific PPTs for various Special Item Numbers (SINs). It's time to review the updated templates designed especially for your industry, such as those for SIN 531110 (Long Term Lodging), SIN 492110 (Package Delivery and Freight Trucking), SIN 492110SB (Local Courier Delivery Services), SIN 485 (Ground Transportation) and SIN 532111 (Automotive Equipment Rental and Leasing - Rental Supplemental Vehicle Programme). These changes are intended to speed up the proposal process and provide you a competitive edge when submitting bids for projects.

Attention entrepreneurs embarking on the exciting realms of Health IT Services (SIN 54151HEAL) and Commercial Satellite Communications Solutions (COMSATCOM) (SIN 517410), an imperative revelation awaits. Formerly, the GSA sanctioned projects completed within the past three years, but lo and behold, the requirement has now narrowed to projects completed within the last two years. This adjustment ensures your expertise remains current, aligning harmoniously with the ever-evolving landscapes of these industries.

Now, let us divert our focus to Facilities. The instructions for SIN 561210FAC (Facilities Maintenance and Management) have undergone modest enhancements, meticulously tailored to synchronize with the SIN Subgroups on GSA eLibrary. These refinements harbor the noble intent of streamlining the process and cultivating unwavering consistency across the board. Moreover, SIN 541690E (Energy Services) will henceforth exclude references to Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPC). By keeping abreast of these metamorphoses and utilizing the updated instructions, you shall navigate the sprawling domain of facilities with unparalleled efficacy.

In the realm of Hardware, a recent update has graced the Hardware Catalog SIN 332510C, effectively rectifying an erroneous statement. This timely rectification ensures that the catalog exquisitely portrays the full spectrum of available options, empowering you to make informed decisions when procuring hardware supplies for your projects.

For those deeply entwined in the intricate tapestry of Lodging Negotiations and Management Services (SIN 561599L), an indispensable definition has been woven into the corresponding attachment. This eloquent definition of meals now bestows unyielding clarity, fostering a shared understanding that acts as a catalyst for seamless negotiations and the superlative delivery of services within the lodging industry.

The domain of Mail Management (SIN 561499M) has expanded its descriptive boundaries, elevating your comprehension of the comprehensive range of included services. The updated description explicitly acknowledges the indispensability of Intelligent Mail Barcoding, Mail Tracking, Address Management, and Postage Meter services. This enlarged scope beckons you to explore novel avenues within the captivating realm of mail management, where you can potentially fashion enhanced solutions for esteemed government agencies.

Venturing forth into the realm of Package Delivery, beyond the aforementioned PPT metamorphoses, an essential note beckons our attention, specifically regarding SIN 492110 (Package Delivery). The revised instructions now assert that regular Truckload (TL), regular Less-Than-Truckload (LTL), and non-expedited services ought to be proffered through the Standard Tender of Service (STOS), dutifully overseen by the Freight Management Program. Embracing this hallowed guideline guarantees streamlined operations and a harmonious symphony of collaboration within the package delivery sector.

Lastly, let us unravel the enigma of Packaged Office Furniture. If your business thrives within the auspices of SINs 337121P (Packaged Household Dormitory and Quarters Furniture), 337127P (International Packaged Furniture), 33721P (Packaged Office Furniture), or 339113P (Packaged Healthcare Furniture), a momentous alteration has taken place. The Maximum Order Threshold (MOT) for these SINs has undergone a profound reduction, dwindling from $5 million to $250,000. This transformative adjustment aims to furnish burgeoning opportunities for small businesses to partake in government contracts pertaining to packaged office furniture, fostering an environment where success is within the grasp of enterprises akin to your own.


For small business owners in the United States, the realm of government contracts can be simultaneously intimidating and alluring. However, fear not, for within the realm of GSA schedule 2023 lies a transformative opportunity awaiting your entrepreneurial spirit. The GSA schedule holds the potential to ignite the growth and prosperity you seek, and the time has come for you to seize the moment.

The US General Services Administration (GSA) stands tall as a beacon of hope, streamlining administrative tasks for the federal government while offering a seamless experience for both the government and esteemed vendors such as yourself. By actively participating in the Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) program, particularly the Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Schedules, a vast array of profitable projects and fruitful collaborations with federal agencies become accessible to you.

As you embrace these forthcoming changes and gracefully navigate the realm of GSA schedule 2023, always remember that resilience, passion, and expertise serve as your unwavering allies. This is your moment to make an indelible impression and establish yourself as an indispensable partner to esteemed government agencies. While the journey may demand patience, the rewards that await have the potential to reshape the trajectory of your business, setting it on a transformative path of success.

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