SDVOSB Firms Should Keep a GSA Schedule in Focus

By: Admin | Date: 2020-09-24

SDVOSB Firms Should Keep a GSA Schedule in Focus

According the Veterans Administration there are over 1MM Service Disabled Veterans.  A small percentage of those Veterans approximately 25,000 take advantage of the SDVOSB program and conduct business with the federal government.  Fewer yet 1,900 take the next step and combine their SDVOSB with a GSA Schedule in order to obtain maximum their federal contracting opportunities.

Why a GSA Schedule is Important

Of the 25,000 SDVOSB Verified firms approximately 75% of these firms are eligible for a GSA Contract.  Meeting the main requirement of over two years of business selling their services and/or products in the commercial market place.  The 1,900 (or 10% of SDVOSBs) that add a GSA Schedule to the mix fare much better than their non-GSA counterparts.

GSA Schedule Benefits

-Listings on GSA Advantage and GSA Elibrary, the place where federal buyers go to do market research.

-GSA Vetting and therefore greater credibility with federal buyers.

-Access to GSA ebuy a great source for contracting opportunities.

-Ability to gain knowledge, credibility, and experience needed to obtain positions on Federal GWAC Contracts.

Results: The average SDVOSB firm boosts their federal sales by $1.4MM per year by having a GSA Schedule Contract.

Below is the GSA Spending Data by Industry:

Name SDVOSB Vendors SDVOSB Sales SDVOSB Avg. Sales
Information Technology Equipment and Software Services 526 738,700,000 1,404,373
Scientific Equipment and Services 522 804,600,000 1,541,379
The Professional Services Schedule 450 667,300,000 1,482,889
Total Solutions for Law Enforcement 115 149,000,000 1,295,652
Facilities Maintenance and Management 66 63,900,000 968,182
Temporary Administrative and Professional Staffing 31 20,500,000 661,290
Buildings and Building Materials 31 8,800,000 283,871
Imaging and Document Solutions 30 16,600,000 553,333
Furniture 28 43,900,000 1,567,857
Office Products and Supplies 25 17,100,000 684,000
Sports, Promotional, Outdoor, Recreation 25 9,500,000 380,000
Food Service and Hospitality 19 22,400,000 1,178,947
Travel Services 7 8,600,000 11,690,000
Transportation 28 43,900,000 1,228,571
Furnishing and Floor Coverings 4 400,000 100,000
Photographic Equipment 3 300,000 100,000
Publication Media 3 2,000,000 666,667
Total/Average 1,896 2,690,500,000 1,419,040

If your firm is looking for a great way to boost sales consider adding a GSA Schedule to its marketing mix.

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