Know the Process of Obtaining GSA Certification to Get Into the GSA Schedule Program

Know the Process of Obtaining GSA Certification to Get Into the GSA Schedule Program

By: BOB STEGER | Date: 2022-07-28

You need to fulfill all the GSA Schedule requirements and obtain GSA certification if you want to secure a GSA contract by getting into the GSA Schedule program. So, make sure to meet all the eligiblity criteria to opt for the GSA certification and get into the program. To obtain the certification you will need to go through a specific program.

The applicants must follow the strict standards of GSA. You will be getting too many government contracting opportunities after getting to the program. It is because the federal government agencies prefer to purchase goods and services through GSA Schedule contracts from GSA-certified companies because they can buy at reasonable and fair prices comparatively. The GSA-certified companies are also considered responsible vendors and provides assurance to the government of the United States. The GSA-certified companies also gives assurances and guarantees on products and services to the government agencies. Due to all these reasons the GSA-certified companies or contractors are so preferable, reliable and promising for the government agencies.

In order, to obtain the GSA certification you will need to go through a complex and time-consuming process so make sure have patience. Also you will need to follow a systematic process which will help to obtain the GSA certification.

In this blog, we are going discuss about the eligibility criteria and the process of the GSA certification to get into the program and obtain GSA Schedule contracts. This blog will help all the aspiring federal contractors to know all the important points in advance.

Eligibility criteria you must know 

You need to make your business all the eligibility criteria to be able to opt for getting the GSA certification. So make sure to make your business meet all the criteria before preparing and going through the application process. The eligibility criteria is mentioned below:

  • Your business needs to be actively operating for at least two years before applying for GSA certification.
  • To support your claims you will need to provide all the necessary financial statements. The statements must include balance sheet and income statement.
  • If you are looking forward to provide services to the government agencies then you need to provide at least two project experiences that had been completed within the last two years. 
  • If you are looking forward to provide products to the government agencies then you need to show the TAA compliance certification.
  • Your products need to be manufactured in the designated country or we can say in the United States.
  • You need to submit a supply pricing sheet that consists of invoices, commercial price list, catalog and many more.
  • Make sure to obtain a digital certificate for the GSA contract negotiation.
  • Make sure to provide at least five to ten years references of your past performance.

Know the process of the GSA certification

The procedure for obtaining the GSA certification is divided into four stages.

  • In the first stage, it is about preparing and submitting the required documents and proposal to the General Service Administration (GSA).
  • The second stage of the process involves GSA review and clarification.
  • In the third stage, the government agencies go through the process of GSA contract negotiation to come to a point.
  • The fourth stage is about federal contractors getting rewarded with GSA contracts.

Now let’s look at the important points for each stage of the process that you must know

Stage 1 - Submission of documents & proposal

  • You will have to submit the required documentation and proposal to the GSA, based upon solicitation.
  • To increase the chances of approval you will need to follow all the policies and standards of the GSA.
  • Read the solicitation and understand the required documents.
  • Understand the different types of standards and formats that GSA have set.

Stage 2 - GSA review & clarifications

  • After submitting all the required documents to the GSA, your application will be assigned to a contracting officer of GSA.
  • Your application and proposal will be reviewed  within next four months.
  • You may need to re-submit your application, if your application gets declined or rejected by the GSA due to lack of information or for making some errors.
  • The contracting officer will reach out to you for clarifications and minor issues.
  • You need to be consistence throughout this stage of your process.
  • You may need to make important modifications to your application.

Stage 3 – GSA contract negotiation

  • You will need to talk to a GSA representative so that both parties agree on one single point with mutual understanding.
  • Come up with reasonable and fair prices which is the main goal of the negotiation.
  • During the revision of proposal implement changes that will help you get into the last stage of the process.

Stage 4 – Awarding GSA contract


Now you know everything about the eligibility criteria and the process of application to obtain GSA certification and get into the program. It is your time to take the steps to start your journey.

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