Know About GSA Advantage Website & GSA Global Supply Program In 2022

Know About GSA Advantage Website & GSA Global Supply Program In 2022

By: BOB STEGER | Date: 2022-06-30

The federal market is highly competitive because a large number of federal contractors are competing to obtain government contracts. The federal agencies are the main customers of the federal contractors so that is why connecting with the buyers is the ultimate goal.

You must be wondering how to connect with the federal agencies to sell goods and services to them. We are here to give necessary explanations to the readers and aspiring federal contractors.

The federal agencies procure goods and services from the contractors in systemic and specific ways. There are some official government websites from where federal buyers choose contractors and items. Such websites help to connect federal buyers with federal contractors. These websites are considered online marketplaces.

GSA is an agency of the government of the United States. The General Service Administration also known as GSA is responsible for managing federal property and provides contracting options to the government agencies. The GSA certification helps federal contractors to be found by the federal buyers to purchase goods and services through a procurement process. Thus, obtaining federal contracts becomes easy to obtain for all the GSA-certified federal contractors and commercial companies in the federal market.

GSA Global Supply is a federal program that is administered by the General Service Administration (GSA). It also helps government organizations to procure goods and services from federal contractors and commercial companies.

In this blog, we are going to discuss GSA Advantage and GSA Global Supply to give valuable information to the readers for showcasing their products and services to sell to the buyers.

GSA Advantage

What is GSA Advantage?

GSA Advantage is an official website run by the General Service Administration (GSA). It is considered an online catalog where GSA-certified companies can upload their products and services to showcase and sell to federal buyers. It is an online federal marketplace where federal agencies get to choose suitable contractors, products, and services by comparing and evaluating to get the desired items. The GSA Advantage website has directories where federal contractors list their products and services. It is a quick solution to procure goods and services from federal buyers. The descriptions of the products and services and the prices are also mentioned so that the federal buyers can compare and make benefitting purchases.

We can say GSA Advantage is the e-commerce site for federal contractors and federal agencies. In simple words, GSA Advantage is:

  • E-commerce website of the Federal government of the United States.
  • An ordering system that gives federal customers the ability to quickly search, compare and order goods and services of the GSA-certified federal contractors and companies.
  • A list of millions of products and services with product specifications and pricing.

What is GSA Global Supply?

GSA Global Supply is a business that provides items of supply to the government of the United States and military customers worldwide. It happens through a unique part number and National Stock Number (NSN). GSA Advantage users can get access to the GSA Global Supply with the same ID and password. The GSA Global Supply has a catalog that gets updated whenever required. There are more than 8,300 items in the GSA Global Supply.

How do agencies use GSA Advantage?

With the GSA Advantage catalog, the government contractors offer products and services to the government buyers in a convenient way. In this section, we will be mentioning what government buyers can do in the GSA Advantage.

  • Searching for items in several ways such as keywords, part numbers, NSNs, manufacturers, contractors, etc.
  • Directly placing orders online
  • Reviewing delivery options
  • Choosing a convenient payment method
  • Browsing the categories of products and services
  • Compare prices, specifications, and delivery details
  • Tracking status
  • Viewing past orders
  • Canceling orders

In simple words, the federal agencies or we can say the government organizations use the GSA Advantage website to buy products and services from the federal contractors. The online shopping and ordering system provides government agencies access to a huge number of contractors and GSA supplies. Anyone can browse GSA Advantage to view and compare various kinds of products and services.

In fact, government employees can also purchase from the GSA Advantage website. For that they need to use the following things:

  • A governmentwide commercial purchase card.
  • A GSA Activity Address Code.
  • A Department of Defense Activity Address Code.

Remember, state and local governments can also use the GSA Advantage to purchase products and services.

How GSA Advantage is beneficial to federal contractors?

Now let’s find out some of the benefits of the GSA Advantage.

  • Federal contractors can advertise their products and services to the federal agencies that purchase through the GSA Advantage catalog.
  • Purchasers get access for searching products every day.
  • Federal contractors can showcase their products with pictures, descriptions, and the terms of sale.
  • Sales on GSA Advantage are faster because most orders are direct on the GSA Advantage.
  • Getting access to the federal market of over 400,000 government users who are involved in the GSA procurement process by using GSA Advantage.

So, as we got to know the major benefit of the GSA Advantage website is to increase the visibility of the federal contractors by getting listed in the online federal marketplace. The procurement process of goods and services is quicker because the federal agencies buy directly from the federal agencies.

Difference between GSA Advantage & GSA Global Supply

In this blog, we are providing valuable information on the GSA Advantage and GSA Global Supply. It is very important to identify and understand the difference between the two. It will help you to understand the distinguishable characteristics and concepts. So, let’s understand the differences between the GSA Advantage and GSA Global Supply.

GSA Advantage is the online shopping website and ordering system that provides access to numerous federal contractors and government supplies. The federal agencies or government organizations browse the GSA Advantage website to view and compare the variety of products and services offered by the federal contractors.

GSA Global Supply is a federal program of the United States that is administered by the General Services Administration. The program is a requisition-based supply program for customers worldwide. A variety of ordering mechanisms are used by the customers to submit requisitions to GSA to deliver globally.

How to get on GSA Advantage?

To get into the GSA Advantage and obtain GSA Schedule contracts, you will need to figure out if your business is eligible and qualifies for winning a GSA contract. You will need to collect a list of the necessary documentation, register for certain programs, and obtain certain certifications.

You need to be familiar with the essential processes, if you are not then it may be intimidating to you. Getting on the GSA Advantage website is not an easy task, instead, it requires a lot of preparation and work that has to be done in a systematic way.

Consider registering your contract with the Vendor Support Center after receiving a GSA Schedule. Once you have enrolled for GSA Advantage, don’t forget to recheck that all of your information, prices, descriptions and contract revision, for each line item are correct and up to date.

Steps to get on GSA Advantage

  • Register your business with the System for Award Management (SAM) to obtain the appropriate DUNS and NAICS codes.
  • Choose the SINs that are applicable to your business.
  • Complete the GSA-mandated training successfully.
  • Prepare the necessary documents to submit to the GSA.
  • Wait for your approval.

These are the steps that you need to take for placing your products and services on the list of the GSA Advantage website.

How do customers purchase from GSA Global Supply?

Before offering products to its customers, the GSA Global Supply purposely conducts competitive procurements to ensure compliance with the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and other relevant mandates. With GSA Global Supply customers can confidently place simple requisitions for desired items without having to solicit comparison prices from multiple sources.

  • For submitting MILSTRIP or FEDSTRIP requisitions, use automated systems.
  • Order online at GSA Global Supply or GSA Advantage.
  • Order through phone calls.
  • Fax orders.


All the necessary information is given in this blog for the people who are willing to sell their goods and services in the federal market by placing them in the online marketplace. The online GSA catalog of the GSA Advantage helps countless federal contractors to obtain government contracts by providing opportunities to sell to federal agencies. We have mentioned how the GSA Advantage works, how it is utilized by the federal buyers, and how federal contractors can be benefited from the website. We have also discussed the GSA Global Supply and explained how customers purchase from GSA Global Supply.

So, wait no more and get your products and services listed on the directories or catalog of the GSA Advantage. Make sure to become a participant of the General Services Administration by getting your business certified. Hopefully, all the information was helpful to all the readers and aspiring federal contractors to get GSA certification and listed on the GSA Advantage website.

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