Ins and Outs of a GSA Schedule Contract

By: Admin | Date: 2022-04-01

GSA Schedule 2022

What is a GSA Schedule Contract?

A GSA Schedule Contract is an agreement made with the government to sell your products or services at an agreed upon price. In order to obtain a GSA Schedule you must make the federal government your best customer (meaning it gets your best pricing) and go through a formalized application process. The GSA does this to insure that your firm has the capability to complete awarded contracts.  The purpose of GSA Schedule Contract is to eliminate paperwork and bureaucracy while giving federal buyers an efficient process for buying goods and services.

How many firms hold GSA Schedule Contract?

14,400 firms have a GSA Schedule Contract. In terms of number of firms small businesses 12,000 make up the lion’s share, and 2,400 large businesses with GSA Schedule Contracts. Large business do have more sales than small business from the schedule system. 

Number of Products and Services on GSA Schedule?

Approximately 11 million different goods and services covering almost all industries. There are several exceptions of goods and services which are not permitted to be purchased from a GSA Schedule such as architectural and construction services. 

How long does a GSA Schedule last?

Generally an GSA Schedule remains in place for a five-year period. It can be renewed three times for twenty years total in contract life. 

How long does it take to obtain a GSA Schedule?

There are several factors that determine the amount of time it takes to obtain a GSA Schedule Contract. Once you have submitted all of your document for approval to the GSA. Then the GSA schedule goes through a multi-step approval process. Review times range from three to five months. 

If my firm has a special designation is that listed on my schedule?  

Yes – Firms with an 8(a) Certification, HUBZone, WOSB, EDWOSB, SDVOSB, or Veteran Owned certification have this listed on their GSA Advantage and GSA elibrary listings.

How much in gross sales (revenue) is required in order to qualify for GSA Schedule?

Generally a firm applying for a GSA Schedule must have had at least 25,000 in sales over the prior two years in the industry in which they are seeking the GSA Contract.

What is the best industry to be with regard to federal sales as GSA Contract holder?

There is no set industry that is best for doing well within the GSA Schedule System. The largest two industries are IT, with approximately 35% of 8(a) firms: in Information Technology with approximately 30% of 8(a) firms. Both of these industries tend to do well within the federal 8(a) space, however many niche industries out-perform these more mainstream industries. 

If I obtain an 8(a) certification, should I also obtain a GSA Schedule?

A GSA Schedule can greatly aid an 8(a) firm in the marketing of its goods and services. This is because GSA Schedules are the predominant method of purchasing most federal procurement officers go, in order to do market research. Past studies have shown that 8(a) certified firms do 3-times the amount of business of that a non-8(a) firm showing the advantage of the combination. 

Can I sell to State and Local Governments using a GSA Schedule?

State and local governments have the use of GSA Schedules through two platforms: The Cooperative Purchasing and Disaster Recovery Purchasing Programs. State and local government use of GSA Schedules has been a high growth area for the GSA in recent years.

What is a GSA Schedule Teaming Agreement?

A GSA CTA (Contractor Teaming Arrangement) is an agreement combining the goods and services of two or more GSA Schedule Holders into one offering. The agreement sets the outline of the roles of each of the firms in the agreement.

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