In the WOSB Federal Space, Odds are you need a GSA

By: Admin | Date: 2021-09-28

GSA Schedule

GSA Takeover or Trend

There are approximately 65,000 WOSB firms competing for work in the federal space. Having a WOSB Certification provides preference in the federal marketplace, but with this large number of WOSB certified businesses, these firms need to differentiate themselves by obtaining a GSA Schedule.

WOSB + GSA Schedule

Overall WOSB + GSA Numbers

21% of Federal sales for WOSB Certified firms come from the GSA Schedule System. This is impressive when you consider that WOSB + GSA Schedule firms only represent 5% of the total population of Federal WOSB Certified firms.

If you would like to see if your WOSB firm could benefit from a GSA Schedule you can look up your primary NAICS code from the list below and make a determination.

NAICS code

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