GSA IT Numbers a Trend or a Gradual Takeover

By: Admin | Date: 2021-08-20

If we look at the data, IT on the GSA Schedule System is rapidly taking over. If we look at the table below we can see that IT on the GSA Schedule had moved as a percentage of federal IT spending from 17.4% overall to 20.9% in the past three years. This is a major move that encompasses 3.6B in growth for the GSA Schedule system compared with 2.7B for the federal government as a whole.

GSA Takeover or Trend


GSA IT Spending

Of this amount $18.383 or 21% of this money was spent via the GSA Schedule system spread among 5,400 companies.

Why the GSA Schedule Government IT Marketplace

There are 500,000 IT firms in the US. Only 1.4% have taken the next step to obtain a GSA Schedule and work to move into the Federal Marketplace. For firms looking for a way to expand with a stable revenue source, the GSA IT Market can be a great place for growth.

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