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By: Admin | Date: 2020-04-11

Healthcare IT Schedule

Alikely growth area for the federal government due to the COV-19 pandemic is Healthcare IT. New uses and measures of information technology will need to be taken to provide more real-time information to decision makers. A potential way for an IT firm that is interested in Federal Contracts to market themselves is by obtaining a GSA Healthcare IT Schedule.
The GSA Healthcare IT Schedule is two years old but many firms are hesitant to apply for this schedule. Here are the three most common misnomers I come across when talking to firms about this Schedule.

1. Healthcare IT is for Large Businesses.

Reality is that 75% of the firms on the GSA Healthcare IT Schedule are small businesses.

2. My Firm must have Experience in Healthcare IT in order to get on Schedule.

Reality is that a firm must have past IT experience, and must be able to list the healthcare IT positions in its proposal, however a firm does not need past Healthcare IT Experience to obtain this schedule.

3. There are not sales yet on the Healthcare Schedule

Reality is that over the past year the Healthcare IT Schedule has grown by 100% and is making strong gains again in 2020. Average sales for schedule holders have double (see below).
FY2019 $508,504 average sales per schedule holder
FY2018 $245,438 average sales per schedule holder

What is the Potential without COV-19?

The VA has been one of the major adapters of the GSA Federal Supply Schedule System. They purchase $11 billion per year from their own set of GSA Contracts. The schedule system has been a success story for the VA. The VA is likely to spend a sizeable portion of its $4.4B IT budget with vendors on the new Healthcare IT Schedule. They have a vested interest in seeing this schedule succeed as they are a major stakeholder in its development.

Size of the VA Hospital System?

To put the VA Hospital System in perspective only six states have more hospitals than the VA system, California (349), Florida (212), New York (202), Ohio (152), Pennsylvania (177), and Texas (382). The total approximate budget for the VA system is $240B.

Facility Type




Vet Centers




If your firm is looking to grow in the Federal IT market don’t miss this opportunity to get into the likely expanding Healthcare IT market as this is likely a new opportunity from this unfortunate pandemic.

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