GSA Federal Marketing Advantage

By: Admin | Date: 2022-02-10

This week I would like to go over the non-direct marketing advantage that having a GSA Schedule brings to the table.

We had a Translation Services client that had a GSA Schedule. I talked to them, and they had approximately $250,000 in federal sales the year before from their GSA Schedule. I asked them if they were still happy with their GSA Schedule and if there was anything else I can do to help them improve their sales. They responded that they were quite happy and that they felt that their GSA Schedule had contributed well worth of a million dollars. This was because federal purchasers were finding them via their GSA Schedule and buying service from them but in most cases, they were not using their schedule.

GSA Federal Marketing Advantage image

This indirect marketing advantage occurs for many GSA Schedule holders. The most extreme case of this phenomenon is with HUBZone Certified firms. If we look at all HUBZone firms 6,780, the data is more manageable than looking at all small businesses.

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The data shows that HUBZone firms with a GSA Schedule have 5x the sales of their counterparts that do not have a GSA Schedule. I would imagine a calculation for small business groups would yield and advantage for all groups. Therefore, not only do HUBZone/GSA firms gain $1MM ($805MM/782 HUBZone firms) in sales from their schedule, they also likely gain other marketing synergies that increase their overall federal sales.

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