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The GSA Schedule is one of the most widely used methods by which federal agencies buy goods and/or services. Award of a GSA Schedule contract opens the door to participate in this $40 billion marketplace (2012 GSA Schedule total spend). GSA Schedule contracts are awarded to companies, which offer commercial off the shelf services and products which fall within the Schedule’s descriptions. At present, there are more than 11 million commercial goods and services available on GSA Schedules. The contract has a base period of five years, which can be renewed up to three times- 20 total years. Federal procurement officials either directly submit their orders to GSA Schedule contract holders or post their requirements to GSA Advantage, which is essentially an advertisement board that is limited to GSA Schedule contract holders.


We can help you to do business with the federal government. Our team has over 60+ years of experience that includes direct experience working with GSA contracting officers. Our marketing team is focused to deliver business opportunities to our clients and provide assistance in construction of your company’s bids/proposals. As of July 2013, we have achieved a 100% acceptance rate on our clients’ offers to GSA schedule contracts.


We work to put your goods and services on a GSA Schedule. The process is complex and includes a host of pre-offer actions, multiple clarifications upon submission of the offer, as well as direct negotiations with the GSA Contacting Officer. We provide expertise in each step of the process. It encompasses a broad array of marketing support services grouped into a subscription based package,


During the course of your initial consultation our specialists will ascertain the size of the GSA marketplace specific to your goods/services. Your specific Return on Investment (ROI) on any delivery orders that you accept is a function of your selling price and your cost of services/goods sold. Our expertise in assisting you in price negotiations with GSA can help to ensure that you meet your profit goals.


Our specialists will help you to determine if pursuit of a GSA Schedule Contract makes sense. Our expert knowledge of GSA regulations and offer review procedures, coupled with an understanding of your company’s goods/services and pricing, as well as the prices currently paid by the Federal Government for your company’s offerings already on the GSA schedule, will likely position you to make a very well informed decision.


Being in a position to compete for government contracts becomes very easy when a company holds a GSA Schedule contract, which provides your company access to the government’s preferred method to purchase a vast array of standardized goods and/or services. With the help of a GSA Schedule contract you have the opportunity to earn significant business and the potential to greatly increase your revenue. The criteria which must be met in order to merit the government’s serious consideration of your offer vary based on the specific type of goods and/or service in additional to and your company’s past performance, financial stability, and a host of additional minor considerations.

Please note that architectural and construction services, as well as ammunition and firearms are not currently allowed on GSA Schedule.

Let us assist you in determining the size of your companies GSA opportunities- contact us today! !

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