Comparison Shopping - Amazon vs GSA Advantage

By: Admin
Date: 2018-09-28

I must still have the shopping bug from Christmas so this week post-Christmas I decided to do a little bit of comparison shopping between GSA Advantage (the federal governments online shopping store, where GSA Schedule Holders sell their items) and Online Giant Amazon.  Note this study was only of 15 items and there are millions on both websites.   

Does Amazon Win?
My answer is probably not.  My sample size was small, with only 15 items and each site having millions of products however I found the pricing on GSA Advantage, (the online shopping store for GSA Schedule Contract Holders) had better pricing on 9 out of 15 items.  To me this speaks highly to the due diligence being performed at the GSA.  

So where are the $800 Hammers?
There are some items where the GSA Advantage pricing is 30-40% higher.  However some of the Amazon pricing fairs worse and is 80-90% higher. 

Here is the list of items I selected for this Analysis: 


GSA Advantage


Lowest Price (Winner)

Inspiron 17.3” AMD Laptop 9400 – 8GB HD




Axis Communications V5914 PTZ



GSA Advantage

Kidde Pro 5 Fire Extinguisher



GSA Advantage

Hamilton Beach 12 Cup Programmable Brew Station




Master Lock Portable Storage Lock



GSA Advantage

3M Polarized LED Task Light Desk Lamp




Jet Air/Riveting Hammers JAT-900 1-5/8”




Topcon Theodolite 26X 10 Arc Seconds




Raid Wasp and Hornet Killer



GSA Advantage

Kellogg’s in a cup cereal 6 pack or 12/2 Frosted Flakes



GSA Advantage

1 Door Advantage Freezer, True T-23F



GSA Advantage

Educational Insights USA Foam Map Puzzle




PhysiciansCare Adhesive Bandage Variety Pack



GSA Advantage

Genie Lift, GL10STR, Straddle 350lbs



GSA Advantage

Bunn Axiom-15-3 Brewer



GSA Advantage

GSA Advantage does offer additional advantages to retailers over selling on Amazon in that the transaction fees are typically a fraction of the cost .75% (GSA) compared with 10% est. for Amazon.  Additionally GSA Advantage per ticket orders are generally larger than ticket order size on Amazon.  Here are the stats between the two websites:


GSA Advantage


Typical Retailer Fee



Average Ticket



#of products

28 million

232 million

In terms of retail value GSA Advantage continues to offer online government buyers with good value comparable to what they can find in the non-government market place.  This is why GSA Advantage continues to grow in use and the benefit to the 20,000 GSA Schedule contract holders is this unique niche market.  It also makes sense that state and local governmental bodies are continuing to transition their purchasing over to GSA Advantage as the vetted pricing provides value to all governmental bodies. 

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