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Date: 2018-07-11

There are 184 firms on GSA Schedule 84 (Transportation, Delivery and Relocation Services). I used this schedule for ease of analysis (other schedules have over 7,000 firms). I took this sample to demonstrate the growth of a Small Business GSA Schedule Sales compared to the growth of a Small Businesses Total Federal Sales. This gives us a better picture as to how well these firms overall federal sales are growing.

What I believe the “tells” are from this data:

1. It takes to about year 3 on schedule 84 to begin getting excited about the sales volume when it reaches over $250K, however for practical purposes you can double these sales. (Schedule 84 averages $500K per year per small business on schedule compared with $1MM which is the average for the entire GSA Schedule System.)

2. GSA Schedule sales appear to grow at a consistent rate and the firms Total Federal Sales in many cases are aided by the GSA Schedule and grow at a more rapid rate. This is because many federal buyers utilize GSA Schedules for market research and this leads to other avenues for federal sales.

3. GSA Schedule sales appear to be more consistent for these firms than Total Federal Sales. A few firms in years 6 and Year 9 had large increases in overall sales volume however their GSA Schedule sales for these firms continued to grow at a more consistent rate. GSA Schedule holders generally don’t have as rapid of spikes as other federal contracting vehicles.

4. There was a falloff after 10 years in the program. After this point in time firms appear to rely on their GSA Schedule contracts to get them the lion’s share of their sales. Many of these firms appear to have lost focus on federal sales due to complacency and this is causing new entrants to grow their market share. (DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU!)

GSA Schedule 84 Sales Data

Year of GSA Schedule GSA Schedule Sales Total Federal Sales
Yr 1 $17,008 $170,147
Yr 2 $34,711 $769,995
Yr 3 $278,678 $577,735
Yr 4 $209,580 $426,749
Yr 5 $446,670 $989,808
Yr 6 $788,473 $2,765,284
Yr 7 $556,233 $727,506
Yr 8 $1,061,158 $1,894,902
Yr 9 $938,116 $4,867,959
Yr 10+ $551,149 $899,794

Graphical Representation of the Schedule 84 Sales Data vs Non GSA Federal Sales for the same firms – I feel this helps illustrate the points from my analysis.

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