GSA Schedule Sales by Year

By: Admin
Date: 2018-05-07

I get calls all the time from people wanting to know how much time it will take to reach a meaningful amount of sales with a new GSA Schedule Contract. The answer I always give back is it generally takes around two years. So not just to take my word for it here is the sales data from the GSA for schedule holders based upon the year in which their GSA Contract became active.

Year Number of Firms Average Sales per GSA Contract Holder
2017 702 40,208
2016 853 552,604
2015 1586 1,098,553
2014 1,116 509,871
2013 926 695,924
2012 1,049 834,928
2011 1,221 917,122
2010 1,045 580,319
2009 1,298 935,909
2008 865 833,961
2007 and Older 6,647 1,478,408

If we remove 2015 from the equation it would appear that firms hit the $500,000 mark in sales relatively early on in their federal selling carrier. Then firms grow that number to over a million during the course of the next decade.

The Big Question: Why are new GSA Schedule holders able to hit the $500,000 mark quickly and then take a decade to double this number?

Likely Answer: A GSA Schedule is a government-wide contracting vehicle. It is good for getting a firms feet wet in Federal Contracting. Once firms learn about the federal selling process by getting their feet wet with the GSA schedule process they obtain through the GSA Schedule process many move on to obtain other types of federal contracts. Remember the average GSA Schedule holder does many times their schedule sales utilizing other contracting vehicles.

This is why I always tell people that are looking into federal contracting that a GSA Schedule is your “first and best place to look” for getting into federal contracts.

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