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By: Admin
Date: 2018-07-19

This week I wanted to do a brief comparison between Contractors that are in the Security Installation Space for the Federal Government to help demonstrate where a firms Federal Sales efforts are best spent. The comparison will be between GSA Schedule Holders and firms that are competing for contracts off the Federal Sales Bulletin Board also known as

The GSA Schedule we will use for this comparison is:

Schedule 84 – Total Solutions Law Enforcement

246 43 Perimeter Security/Detection Systems including but not limited to Fencing, Sensors, etc.

GSA Group

Looking at the 24 Small Business Contractors on this schedule we find that the combined group did $148MM in federal sales in 2017. This equates to an average of $6.1MM in federal sales per Small Business Contractor. These sales are not all coming directly from their GSA Schedule as many of these contractors have taken the second step in federal contracting (a GSA Schedule being the first step) and are also listed on other GWACs and IDIQ contracts. Group

I went back and looked at the contracts that were awarded on for the past 30 days, (this is relatively time intensive so that is why I did not review the entire year). I found 13 contract that were awarded in the past 30 days that meet the description for firms found on Schedule 84 SIN GSA 243 43. The total Sales for these 13 Contracts was $4.01MM for the 30 day period. This was skewed upwards by a single contract that was over $3MM. If we annualize this amount we would get $48.1MM in federal sales for for the entire year. So for purposes of this analysis the GSA firms have roughly 3x the sales for


GSA Sales Annualized Sales
Small Business Perimeter Security/Detection Systems Sales $148MM $48MM
Average Per Firm $6MM ?


Firms with GSA Schedules outpace firms attempting to utilize as their source of Federal Revenue. Additionally they are likely to find other contracting vehicles outside of the sales channel.

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